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My name is Hector H. Zarate, and I was born and raised in Tampico in the state of Tamaulipas Mexico. I grew up with my grandparents during elementary and junior high school. They taught me to study hard and to be honest. Always to excel in life and give the best of you to make things happen. When I turned 15, my mother decided it was time for me to join her here In Dallas.

I applied for the foreign student I-19 visa, and it was approved. The year was 1978, I’ve been here ever since then, and it has changed 180˚. For me it meant another culture, another language, and different laws which I have to blend in to be successful. A lot of challenges were in front of me, but I”ve always liked challenges.

I enrolled in public high school in Oak Cliff, and worked as a dishwasher in the evenings at a local restaurant. It was thought to be growing in Oak Cliff at that time. So my mother decided to get  me transferred to private high school, Christian Academy of Oak Cliff (CAOC).

I graduated in 1980 and went to community college at El Centro College, where I took more classes to improve my English. I took speech, reading and grammar. After that I pursued the restaurant and hotel business industry. I started taking Food and Beverage curriculum classes and got an Associate Degree in that field. I paid my tuition by waiting on tables and bartending at many restaurants.

I got married when I turned 30 and have two beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Dianne. They have graduated from college and work in the fields that they studied.

I worked many years in the restaurant management business for well known branches around the DFW metroplex. Then in November of 2020, I lost my job due to the COVID pandemic. The hospitality business was greatly impacted, among other businesses. Our company closed more than 40% of our restaurants, leaving a lot of us jobless.

At the beginning of 2022, I ran into old friend of mine who told me about the real estate business that he had been doing very successfully for the last 7 years, and he encouraged me to start taking classes in real estate. He became my mentor, I got my license last year, and now I worked for Fife & Associates Realty LLC.

I enjoy helping clients make their dreams come true, some buying their first home, and some selling their properties. I also enjoy jogging with my dog when possible.

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Cell: 214-587-5930
Email: hzarate.realtor@gmail.com

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