At times it may make sense to lease a home instead of buying one. As with purchasing a home, finding the right rental property can affect both your quality of life and standard of living. Working with an agent will help you optimize your search based on your specific needs.

Renting vs Buying

Leasing may make sense depending on your circumstances. For example you may choose to rent if you know that you will move again soon; you can build a nest egg by having relatively low rent; or you want to explore a neighborhood before committing to a mortgage. Sometimes the “rent vs. buy” equation can be fairly complicated, and an experienced agent can guide you through this analysis as well as help you find the right rental property for your situation.

Rental Requirements

Have you seen the best properties for your needs? Do you have the information you need about expenses, community policies, pets, utilities, maintenance, insurance, etc? Do you need help negotiating the terms of your lease? We can help.

More Information

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